permanent make up

Thanks to the permanent eyebrow make-up, you can get natural effect that highlights your beauty. At the beginning it is necessary to create the perfect eyebrow shape. Then choose a method that will highlight the previously drawn arches. The next step is choosing the right color that will be used to highlight your eyebrows.

The shading method in the permanent eyebrow makeup gives the impression of a soft shadow under the hair. The shading effect makes the eyebrows look natural because it blends in with the hair and perfectly complements the eyebrow defects.

This is a very precise eyebrow drawing thanks to which the makeup looks extremely natural.
Microblading allows you to fill gaps in the eyebrow arch and thicken rare hairs.

The secret to natural lip makeup is to tailor the right pigment to your natural lip color and to your
type of beauty.

If you don’t put a lot of make up every day, choose a delicate line that thickens the eyelash line. Eyeliner upper decorate Permanent eye makeup can also be stronger. If you like clear and strong makeup, you can choose a decorative eye line. It will permanently decorate your gaze and your eyes.